Saturday, July 24, 2021

JESUS Died On His Mission

     Tragically, two LDS missionaries were killed this week in New Mexico. I am not writing this to minimize the devastation for their respective families. I am writing this to get a few people to a better understanding of reality.

I served in Bolivia and 2 missionaries were killed by a gas leak in their space heaters right before I got there. 2 missionaries were killed by terrorists right after I left.

I came within one great welfare sister (who was a registered nurse) from dying of amoebic dysentery. GOD probably let me live because I was such a jackass at the time, because I needed more time to become less of one. I am still alive 35 years later so that should give you an idea of my limited progress.

My point is that there are too many Mormons who believe that if you send your child on a mission GOD will watch over them and no harm can come to them. That would be true if you are like the people of Ammon and you have already shown GOD you would rather lay down your own life than kill an enemy. If you have not yet passed one of many Abrahamic tests on the way back to GOD, then please do not blame GOD if your son or daughter or cousin or parent or friend or neighbor dies serving a mission for the LDS church.

The key is that they are not serving GOD. They are serving a corporation. If the LDS were true then the apostles and seventies would be the ones out literally going door to door throughout the world. The whole world. This would include countries that do not allow missionaries of any kind. Real apostles would risk their lives to bring the gospel of Jesus Christ to the world. Fake ones quote each other every 6 months in a weekend of boring meetings. True apostles would risk time in an earthly prison to get their fellow beings out of going to spirit prison.

We need to stop thinking the gospel is meant to shield us from death and adversity. It is time to wake up to the fact that if GOD's best child died while serving Him, then anyone is fair game. This does not point to a capricious Father in Heaven. It points to the difficulty in becoming like Him. He already died to save the first planet in His infinite creations. JESUS died to save this one. 

Blame Mormon Inc. if your 18 year old son or 19 year old daughter dies while serving Mammon. Or you could blame yourself for being so naive.