Sunday, July 11, 2021

Robert Smith on Faith

      Robert Smith has written several books worth reading. He is the author of the controversial blog He is controversial because he claims to have visited with CHRIST many times, and he believes salvation is an individual matter, not a collective one. 

     His latest book Faith can be downloaded for free at his blog. It is filled with light. Here is one idea that resonated with me, a sinner who has yet to see JESUS.


    Every person has within them a faint but pervasive memory of 

    God-planted deep within them from their interactions with him 

    before birth. 

    In a way, every desire we have- no matter how base or carnal-

    is an attempt to either satisfy or silence that deep drive to 

    reconnect with the divine.

(page 114)

There are a lot of things to learn about faith in this book. The first 113 pages are just as good as the one I quoted. I am not through with the book yet (There are 244 pages), but I felt like any honest truth seeker would want to at least check it out. I do not think you would be wasting your time to read any of Rob's books, but this latest one is especially worthy of your attention.

It has the best definition of Faith that I have ever come across.