Wednesday, July 28, 2021

Quitting is for Cowards

 My beloved mother used to say "The Lord hates a quitter." She would bring out this bit of wisdom whenever my sister and I would attempt to quit something. She was right in 1970 and if she were still alive she would be just as correct in 2021.

This post is in response to the all fools trying to make US gymnast Simon Biles look heroic for quitting during the Olympics. This same girl, cost her teammates a gold medal through her cowardice. She's a girl, because a true woman would not quit.

Her waiting to bail out until after botching her first vault attempt also cost a deserving fellow American a spot on the team. Bad choices rarely just effect the individual. 

This is the same girl who has the letters "GOAT" stitched into her leotard. It is suppose to stand for "Greatest of all time." I think it is actually appropriately symbolic in terms of the sheep versus goat issue raised by JESUS. She is A goat, she is not THE GOAT.

Let's not lie to our children, grandchildren, nephews and nieces about how courageous Biles was to quit. She is a quitter, and my Mother was not wrong. If my Mom were a quitter, she would not be my Mother. She tried for years to have children, and finally did the heroic thing and adopted my sister and I rather than quit on the idea of Motherhood.

Satan is the ultimate quitter. In an attempt to make us just as miserable he would like us to give up. Do not give up on yourself, do not give up on your relationships, do not give up on GOD. Only a goat would do that.

Shame on you Simone. And will you be giving your millions of dollars of endorsement money back?

Thanks Mom for being the GMOAT. The greatest Mom of all time.