Thursday, November 7, 2019

LDS Church Finances

Sorry, but today I am taking a break from Joseph Smith's inspired revision of the Hebrew Bible.

I am doing this to point out some information from Daymon Smith. Daymon worked in the Church Office Building after getting a Ph D in anthropology. A few years ago Rock Waterman did some phenomenal posts about Daymon and his book The Book of Mammon: A Book about a Book about the Corporation that owns the LDS Church. The book details the waste and ineptitude of the LDS church. Just search  for "Daymon Smith" and you will find much better information and much better writing than my own. 

I recently found an interview with Daymon where he made the following statement.

"Based on my time in the COB, I believe that the LDS church spends more money on Public relations, than it does on humanitarian aid."

I was astounded. I am still astounded. I will be astounded until the day I die. This supposed "true church" takes its members money and then spends more of it on looking good, than on doing good.

Daymon also estimated that the church spends about 2 percent of its billions (billions with a B!) on humanitarian aid. I guess that means is they spend at least 2.1 percent or more on getting the world to like them.

Other recent studies place the church's contribution to helping victims of disasters and poverty closer to 1 percent. So the church could be twice as chintzy as Daymon thinks. They are already shockingly miserly, but it could actually be twice as bad.

I am not 100 percent certain that these numbers are 100 percent accurate. Whether the LDS corporate empire spends 1,2, or 3 percent of its vast wealth to help people does not matter. What does matter is how small the amount is. Church members are supposed to give ten percent of their hard-earned cash to the church. The church cannot apparently return the favor to the world's disaster victims. 

You would think one of the chosen 15 false apostles would speak up in their weekly meeting and say something. Something like 

"Guys, instead of taking 99 percent of the members' money and using it on shopping malls, temples, and ourselves, how about we waste only 90 percent of their money?" 

Of course that individual would probably be laughed out of the room, or possibly made an emeritus general authority. He might even be stripped of his modest stipend of $10,000 dollars a month.

I am 100 percent sure that GOD is going to do something soon to rid His temple of these modern-day money changers. JESUS' statement "And upon My House shall it begin" comes to mind (Doctrine and Covenants 112:25). To get a clear idea of what "it" is in verse 25, read verse 24. After reading this, if you live anywhere near Salt Lake City, you may want to consider moving.