Tuesday, November 12, 2019

The Words of GOD

One of the reasons I love the Joseph Smith Translation of the Bible is because I feel that I am getting the best source for the actual words of GOD to his ancient covenant people. Going along with my last post is my recommendation today. I wrote of Rob Smith's Upward Thought Blog. Rob not only claims to have seen JESUS, but that he speaks to CHRIST on occasion. That should be everyone's goal. If you go to his blog and read his latest post "God will visit his pure daughters" you can see what his latest conservation with the LORD entails.

Please pray and ask GOD via his Holy Spirit if these words from Rob's blog are the words of CHRIST. 

I hope the words are GOD's because they fit nicely with my own belief system. I believe that GOD loves his daughters just as much as his sons. I also believe that He rarely intervenes in someone's life on a grand scale just to save them some suffering. HE may comfort you via different sources, but rarely will HE change the situation for you. You have to use your own agency to make your life better, and sometimes even that is not enough. JESUS suffered unjustly more than any being in history, and that pain was infinite. We mere mortals should not expect to get through this life without a little unjust suffering of our own. The problem is when people who should love us add to our suffering.

Rob's post deals with the systemic crisis of husbands who do not truly love their wives. Anyone who has a bad son-in-law can identify with the heartbreak of their daughter. You can ask GOD to intercede, but He is most likely not going to have a bus hit the fool.

GOD experiences the heartbreak of His daughters at an exponential level. There are possibly millions of hardhearted men walking this globe. It starts with males who father children and then will not take care of them. Some ask their girlfriends to get abortions. They would rather take a life than take responsibility. These are not men, they are cowards. They are not even male enough to be called boys.

Then we get the semi-hardhearted who do the right thing for appearance sake and get married, (or who get married and then have children) but then do a half ass job after that. This is the boy level. Their wives have to take care of their children and also their husbands. The husband becomes a kind of adult child. Instead of easing the wive's burdens he adds to them.

To be called a man you actually have to do some things you do want to do. Just as CHRIST did one infinite thing he would have preferred not to (if it were possible the rest of us could be saved some other way). Good luck telling JESUS at the judgement "Hey, I know you atoned for everyone's sins, but I was too grossed out by poop to change a diaper."

To you males out there I say, "love your wives." There are no bad husbands in GOD's Kingdom. There is also no hunting or televised sports. There is no TV at all you can tune into to, so you can tune out your wife. If you think you can mistreat one of GOD's daughters and avoid hell, you are sadly mistaken.

To the numerous oppressed women out there, GOD has some sublime things for you on the other side of this vale of tears. There is no polygamy in Heaven. There are no bad husbands in Heaven. In Heaven women and men are truly equal. There is no coercive priesthood to control you in Heaven. In Heaven there are no mean mother-in-laws who think you are not good enough for their son. There are no mothers who compete with you over who can cook better. There are no children who only call when they need something. 

In Heaven, there is only love and beings who love perfectly. GOD would not have it any other way.