Friday, November 8, 2019

Recommendations For Your Search for GOD

Here are my recommendations of sources that have helped me find truth and inspired me to repent. I do not agree with everything they say or write, but they are sincere people, and I am certain all of them are less sinful that I am. GOD is never going to give us a foolproof person to follow, because then we would miss the point of following Him.

Denver Snuffer- He has a blog at and he has written roughly a dozen books, almost all with the theme that anyone can have an audience with CHRIST. There are also several great talks of his that are posted on Youtube at the Restoration Archives channel. Here is a staunch defender of Joseph Smith.

Rob Smith- His blog is He has written some great books that he tries to sell for the absolute miminum allowed by his publishers. He also has a Youtube channel (upwardthought) where he gives talks using power points. You never see him, because he believes the message should be the focus, not him. For example his talk "God Gives You What You Want" is filled with light. He taught  me that humility is NOT minimizing what you have, but realizing that you can do more. Everyone has at least one gift given them from GOD and we need to figure out what that is and use it to help others. That is just one example of dozens that are in just that one talk.

Adrian Larsen- His blog is always based on the scriptures of the restoration. He seems to have a good sense of humor. His posts are worth reaing, and he is emphatic about his testimony of the Book of Mormon.

Blake Ostler- Probably the greatest Mormon theologian of today. His 3 volume work Exploring Mormon Thought on Joseph Smith's description of GOD is unparalleled. His compassion theory of the Atonement is unique. He has a website where all of his published works are listed and most of them have free links. He also does a podcast with his son, where he examines more in depth his take of what Mormon scripture means and does not mean.

Rock Waterman- He does not post much recently owing to spending his time on infinitely more important things like caring for his wife. You can spend the next few years studying his lengthy posts of the past at and not regret it. His devotion to CHRIST cost him membership in the LDS church. 

The best written source for truth is the Book of Mormon. The best versions of the Book of Mormon are Grant Hardy's reader's edition and Royal Skousen's The Book of Mormon: The Earliest Text

The best version of the Bible is the Joseph Smith Translation. Called the Inspired Version by the people who were smart enough to remain with Emma Smith and her children rather than follow Brigham Young to Utah. I am refering to the formerly named Reorganized Church of Jesus Christ, now the Community of Christ.

As a side note, I will not be surprised at the judgment if GOD asks the esteemed Utah pioneers, 

"So you followed Brigham instead of Emma?

You know you could have saved yourself a lot of trouble, travel, time, and unbelief by just staying with my Elect Lady instead of following a fool."

Of course, the best sources for all truth are the Holy Spirit, which is the literal mind of the Most High God for anyone like me, who has not yet met the Savior.

The goal of all of this of course is to find CHRIST, and have Him instruct us on what is true. That way we can skip the middleman and get our information directly from the Fount of Every Blessing.