Monday, January 4, 2021

Easy to do Justice, very hard to do Right

The title is a quote from The Winslow Boy, David Mamet's 1999 film. It is a fversion of the play by Terence Rattigan from 1946 of the same name. The line is delivered evocatively by the actor Jeremy Northam playing the role of the attorney Sir Robert Morton. For the most part the film is like watching a play, but the hour and 40 minutes of time spent is worth this line and one other...the last line in the production.

I have thought about this statement all day, and I finally believe that is describes GOD perfectly. We want Him to right all the wrongs, and we want it done ASAP. He operates on an infinitely higher level where knowing all prevents Him from delivering swift justice when it compromises what is right. 

GOD really has designed the best possible test to see if we His spirit children will do what is right, or whatever we want. Most people figure out that there is rarely "Hollywood Justice" when someone does something evil. They then allow themselves to do things they would never do if they felt like their was a quick punishment coming. The catch is, that GOD is not about punishing people, that is Satan's job. The time of testing is simply to see what it is we really want, and who it is we really love.

GOD does not care about carrots and sticks. God does not need time to test us. He already knows us better than we know ourselves. He is merely allowing us a few years on earth to prove to ourselves what kind of people we really are. To finish with the words of singer-songwriter Edwin McCain, "What matters is your heart."