Friday, January 8, 2021

Slaves shall rise up against their Masters

On Christmas Day 1832 the LORD's last publicly recognized prophet Joseph Smith received a revelation on the futures wars that would start with the US Civil War. The LDS church lists this as Doctrine and Covenants section 87. 

Do not get me wrong, the Mormon church is not true, but this revelation may well be. Joseph Smith being a Prophet has nothing to do with the falseness of modern Mormonism. The truth of some of the Bible does not make the Catholic Church GOD's chosen religion.  The truth of the Book of Mormon does not make the Mormon church "true."

The revelation from 1832 only contains 8 verses. The 4th verse has inspired this short piece. 

It reads, 

And it shall come to pass, 

after many days, 

slaves shall rise up against their masters, 

who shall be marshaled and disciplined for war.

Most Mormons read this as somehow a description of the Civil war. That is not supported by the timeline from verses 1-3. The "after many days" is referring back to the war that prevented southern secession as the starting point. This slave uprising has nothing to do with slaves in the southern states.

I am inclined to think there are at least 3 possible meanings of "slaves shall rise up against their masters."

1. The American middle class will start a second civil war against the wealthy secret masters of the US government, known and unknown. 

The middle class basically funds the wealthy by buying their goods and services. It also funds the lower class by paying taxes to bankroll welfare. If the US middle class was even cut in half by some calamity the American economy would collapse in 24 hours.

2. The countries of the world will rise up against the US to end America's tragic meddling in affairs around the globe.

The US was only the "home of the brave" from 1776-1865. After the Civil War cowardice has become more prevalent as government has become larger and more autocratic. Freedom keeps slipping away bit by bit like the heat being turned up on an unknowing lobster in a pot. 

The US has caused more death and destruction worldwide than Nazi Germany and Communist Russia combined. The death count includes the millions of abortions that have all happened in my lifetime. GOD will not be mocked by a civilization that supports wanton sexual immorality via the murder of the most innocent.

The US also likes to enforce crippling sanctions against third world countries in order to get whatever it wants. GOD is not a fan of bullies and eventually the US government, at a minimum is going to get its proverbial ass kicked for its crimes against humanity home and abroad.

3. Both may happen.

I am hoping I am wrong and none of the 3 happen. I am praying  that functionally illiterate Mormons are right and the revelation has no bearing on today. 

You need to decide via the Holy Spirit if some sinful fool from Central California is right, or if Mormons are right, or if we both are wrong. We cannot both be right.

This is not trivial. If I am right you have some critical decisions to make. If I am wrong, you can go back to your life and focus on other things. 

Either way, you need to focus the most on JESUS. Only He can save you from death and hell.

Now and in the next phase of existence.