Wednesday, January 20, 2021


I remember vaguely (I am almost 56 years old) a skit done on Saturday Night Live sometime before the year 2000 where French people are talking about about how dumb Americans are. One character says, "Americans are so dumb they would buy water!" All of the other characters laugh and disagree because of how outlandish the statement seems to them. They all think Americans are foolish, but not too that level.

Here we are 20 plus years later and the sketch writers for that comedy show have been proven prophetic.

Americans are dumb enough to buy water, when the US water system is the envy of the world. When plastic bottles are proven to cause all kinds of health problems. When those same bottles end up overflowing landfills and polluting the ocean. I have no problem with someone using a water filter to be 100 percent sure that their drinking water is safe. I laugh at people lugging cases of bottled water from their local superstore.

What else makes Americans some of the dumbest people on the planet?

1. Most Americans think Abraham Lincoln was a great president, instead of a tyrant for violating the US Constitution to keep the Southern States from legally seceding.

2. We think a two party political system is the best government on earth, when it makes cowards of both the left and right.

3. We think we live in the greatest country in the world. That stopped being the case in 1860.

4. We think we should send troops to other countries and enforce our flawed view of right and wrong on independent nations.

5. Americans believe the rights of the unborn are meaningless.

6. Americans think if you do not your current sexual partner (spouse or otherwise) you can just get a new one.

7. US citizens believe gender is fluid. 

8. Americans believe in systemic racism in a country where a black man was President for 8 years. Where black athletes earn hundred of millions of dollars to play games and people teaching in inner cities make barely enough to survive.

9. The American sheeple think that airplanes can bring down entire skyscrapers.

10. Americans think we have never lost a war, and that war is always a good option. War should always be the last option.

11. Americans think the US President can do whatever he wants. Thank GOD (literally) that is not true, because we have had a procession of idiots starting around 1820.

12. Americans believe that the homeless problem is OK, because most homeless people are mentally ill.

13. Ameritards think that the death penalty is cruel and unusual punishment for someone who has killed people.

14. Red, white, and blue peeps think that the media is usually reporting the facts.

15. We believe we are the only superpower left. Try telling that to 2 Billion Chinese people.

16. Americans think it is OK for 9 year olds to have cell phones and 16 years olds should be able to drive automobiles.

17. We think two land roads are perfectly safe.

18. We believe that we are GOD's chosen country and nothing can stop our world dominance.

19. We allow tobacco products to be sold almost anywhere.

20. Americans think you can power a country using wind and solar  only.


21. A virus that infects 1 percent of the population and kills 1 percent of the 1 percent infected group should require all fools in the 50 states to wear masks and live in fear.

22. Americans, including Mormon "prophet for profit" Russell Nelson, think forced vaccinations will save the world from Covid.

I was originally going to stop after 10 reasons but the I could not help myself. Americans are just as dumb as all the other fallen people on this planet, myself included.

Stop thinking you are special because of race or religion or gender or sexual orientation or country of origin.

Start repenting and do what you know in your core, via the light of CHRIST, to be right.