Friday, January 22, 2021

This Tired OLD Man that We Elected King

     Many of you will recognize the title of this piece as a line from Don Henley's (of Eagles' fame) song "The End of the Innocence." Part of one of the greatest lyrical albums of all-time (under the same name), this song talks about growing from believing fairy tales as children to knowing the truth better as we age.

The third verse of the song starts with:

O' beautiful for spacious skies

But now those skies are threatening.

They're beating plowshares into swords

For this tired old man that we elected king.

I always misheard the underlined line as "this entitled man that we elected King." That would fit with all of the President's who have followed Eisenhower. Excluding LBJ who assassinated his way into the Presidency. Only an entitled fool would even think to run for President. 

As Rock Waterman has pointed out in his wonderful work at "Pure Mormonism" most Americans think of the President as having similar powers as a King. That is one of things our Founding Fathers were very wary of. Our county Sheriffs actually have more power than we think, albeit in a small relative area. The President's power is severely limited by many factors, but unfortunately that power does cover the entire 50 states.

Donald Trump is an entitled man that served as our previous pseudo-King.

Now we have a truly tired old man that the left thinks will be our King and our Savior for the next 4 years.

Jesus is the one true King.

Jesus is the one and only true Savior.

Jesus will be coming when we least expect it. I would go with sooner rather than later.

Jesus is the son of the Most High God.

Jesus is a God.