Saturday, August 7, 2021

Fool Me Once...

Almost everyone has heard the saying, 

    "Fool me once, shame on you.

    Fool me twice, shame on me."

It is one thing to be tricked a single time, but quite another to have it happen twice. There is no shame in being mislead once, but there is a problem if it keeps happening over and over. 

Despite President Nelson's wife's (Wendy) belief that we are down here to never make a mistake, there is no shame in erring. There is shame in not learning from missteps. We are here to taste the bitter so we can prize the sweet. I am not advocating sin, I am promoting repentance. The sooner we learn the truth and live it, the faster we progress toward a better life here and in the hereafter

I write this today in reference to the latest news about covid. I would captitalize covid if it were like the Black Plague or the Spanish Flus. The new "delta variant" is supposedly more contagious and more deadly than the original version. This may be true. The issue is that the original version was not very deadly at all. It was also not very contagious, because of all the false positives from the covid tests. 

I have had family members test positive, with no symptoms, and then test negative the next day, and then negative again. In my extended family of 40 people from ages 1-78, there have been 2 cases of covid. Both cases were mild. Milder than the flu.No deaths and no hospitalizations. The bar for what is deadly and easily transmitted has been set remarkably low.

Side note- I sure hope the companies that make the covid tests are not also making pregnancy tests. We are going to have a lot of women getting excited for no reason.

My research suggests that all this delta variant propaganda is designed to scare people. The media message is crafted to create fear. Fear in the millions of people who had the common sense not to join the world's biggest drug test initially.  The world's power brokers underestimated the number of fools on the planet. There are a lot of them, but not enough got vaccinated in the first wave. The elite needed to create a narrative about a mutation to scare more people into getting vaccinated now.

Here are the lies.

1. covid vaccines are vaccines.

2. covid vaccines prevent you from getting covid.

3. covid vaccines are safe and effective.

4. covid vaccines prevent death.

5. covid vaccines cut out possible hospitalizations.

6. People who are not vaccinated are causing the latest surge in covid cases.

7. Masks are helpful.

8. Social distancing is effective.

Here are some facts.

1a. covid vaccines are gene therapies designed to compromise your immune system and to get your body to attack itself. 

2a. Thousands of people in the US have been vaccinated and then gotten covid, The CDC and WHO lie to cover this eventuality is "breakthrough case" and those are supposedly rare.

3a. Vaccines are not safe and not effective. 

4a. Thousands of people worldwide have been vaccinated and then died either from covid or from the vaccine.

5a. Tens of thousands of people have been vaccinated and then ended up in the hospital from covid or the vaccine.

6a. People are causing the recent covid surge (if there even is one) are because of those vaccinated. This is one is medically complicated, but feel free to look it up on a non US news site.

7a. Masks are like wearing a hat at the beach and hoping your legs do not get sunburned. Good thing covid is not all that serious, because masks are not helping anyone avoid a virus, but they are making a lot of people breathe their own CO2 back in, and preventing normal oxygen intake.

8a. If there were really a plague-like virus going around, do you think 6 feet would be enough distance to be safe? I would be staying 106 feet from any human that I was not related to if all this pandemic BS were true. People would not leave their houses if this were actually life-and death.

Satan and his minion's who run this world (temporarily) would like everyone to get vaccinated in order to kill off anyone with a weak immune system or serious underlying health condition(s). Spiritual darkness in high places would like to sterilize the young, both male and female via this vaccine.

If you do not believe me, ask GOD. He loves all his children, and His Spirit will give you the truth about covid. Then you have to decide what to do with that information. You have the agency to make your own decisions. Do not trust me, do not trust the CDC, and do not trust the US media.

A lot of people got fooled in 2020 about a flu virus packaged as some new lethal plague from China...

... Shame on the governments and leftist media of the world.

If you get fooled in 2021 about a new, improved virus then...

...Shame on you!