Monday, August 16, 2021

The Hearts of Conspiring Men in the Last Days

First let me state that "Wisdom" in the scriptures could be code for our Heavenly Mother. That idea is not original with me. If it is true then it started with our Heavenly Parents, and if it is not, then blame me. 

Perhaps GOD the Father does not want his children creating profanity using his sacred spouse's name, but there is a Mother in Heaven. You cannot have children without parents of 2 different genders. 

One revelatory jewel came to Joseph Smith in the early days before mormonism went off the rails by chasing sex, money, and power. It is section 89, commonly called "The Word of Wisdom." I believe it is information given to us by a Parent who loves us just as infinitely as our Savior JESUS CHRIST. Whether my gospel speculation is correct or not, the information contained in section 89 is true. It is given to us from the Beings who created us. THEY know our weaknesses better than any politician, and certainly better than any health expert that will ever walk this fallen planet.

Bill Sardi has pointed out on (and his own blog) since the beginning of the covid pandemic that the entire medical establishment has been acting out of ignorance, greed, and a desire for fame. They may be the most corrupt body of professionals the world has even known. It is hard to out-lie the average politician but they are pulling it off.

Sardi believes that the world's population is experiencing the effects of B1 deficiency. This is known as Beriberi. Modern doctors overlook this diagnosis out of inexperience, incompetence, laziness, or greed. The symptoms of Beriberi are virtually identical to the symptoms of covid. There are 30 symptoms that are similar, not just 2 of 3. Feel free to check in out yourself with Sardi's latest article "A Pandemic Within a Pandemic."

The interesting point is that there are 4 key things that disrupt our bodies absorption of B1 (thiamine). 

1. Alcohol

2. Coffee

3. Tea

4. Sugar

There are other B1 blockers, but these 4 do the most damage. What kinds of behavior increased because of fear and isolation during the dark days of early covid hysteria? Drinking and overconsumption of sugar. What countries love tea? Anywhere that the British empire has influenced. India being the latest nation to be overly effected. I know that sugar is not specifically covered in section 89. That could be because it was so hard to get sugar the 1800s anywhere in the world. 

GOD the Mother knew what was coming and tried to warn us 187 years in advance. If you look at covid numbers from Utah and Idaho they are well below the averages of other neighboring states. Fewer deaths per capita is the key statistic. Even if the fatalities are inflated everywhere (my personal opinion) Utah and Idaho have combined for less than 5,000 covid fatalities. 

I am not advocating for anyone to join or rejoin the LDS church or any of its offshoots. I am attempting to get you to take some B1 supplements in case the Goddess who did the heavy lifting in creating all of us was behind section 89. If She was, then mormons, former mormons, cultural mormons, and Jack mormons need not fear if they will listen to their MOTHER.