Thursday, August 12, 2021

"Live Free or Die'

Just this week, New Hampshire has created a law the makes churches "essential services" that cannot be shutdown during any state of emergency. Obviously, the governor there, Chris Sununu, is a Republican. No howl at the moon stupid left-wing leader would ever entertain such an idea. This was not another power hungry governor forcing people to do what he felt was best and using the cover of the word "mandate." The bill passed both chambers of The New Hampshire legislature, and was then signed into law by Sununu. You know, like laws used to be passed before covid. 

Congratulations to the citizens of one of the original 13 colonies. 13 Colonies that risked lives, limbs, fortunes, property, and their sacred honor in taking on the world's greatest superpower in the 1770s. The motto of this exemplary state is the title of this piece. All true Americans believe it, but apparently few who live here now have the courage to stand up to tyranny. Shame on us.

Of course, all this begs the question: why wasn't Utah, a state filled with Mormons, at the forefront of creating such a law?

Because Utah, like the Mormon church, is run from the top down. Mormons do what they are told. They like having someone to tell them what to do. New Hampshire is ruled by a free people with no predominant state religion. The irony in this situation can be cut with a dull spoon.

It probably comes down to active Mormons secretly pleased to take a year off from mindless repetition. As Rock Waterman has pointed out time and again, if you are OK with following a prophet, you may all just end up in the same ditch. Or you take a detour through a great and spacious building labeled "Conference Center" or "temple."

I wish there were more sacred honor in this country, but at least in New Hampshire there is still some left. It remains to be seen, if there is any in Utah, or Idaho, or anywhere else. 

I hope against hope, like a back from the dead Gandalf the White, that this moment is the turning of tide.