Monday, February 20, 2017

Matthew 7:28-29 - Authority Comes From God: not Utah, not Jerusalem, and not the Vatican

King James Version

...when Jesus had ended these sayings, 
the people were astonished at his doctrine:
For he taught them as one having authority,
and not as the scribes.

Joseph Smith Translation

...when Jesus had ended these saying with his disciples,
the people were astonished at his doctrine:
For he taught them as one having authority from God,
and not as having authority from the scribes.

1. First change: the addition of the words "with his disciples."

Jesus is talking to his disciples, not just anyone. There are higher laws the higher you ascend personally toward GOD. JESUS mercifully keeps meat from those who will not accept it. That is why primary level doctrine is taught in LDS general conference these days. When CHRIST comes to comfort you, He will tell you things meant only for you.

2. Second change: addition of the words "from God."

JESUS' authority comes from His direct contact with His Father, the Most High GOD (El, Elohim, or EL Elyon). ELOHIM might be the best fit because it is plural and would therefore includes CHRIST's Mother. CHRIST is still the GOD of this planet, but He answers ultimately to the GOD of all planets, ELOHIM.

3. Third change: changing "as the scribes" to "as having authority from the scribes."

There is real authority from CHRIST, and then there is pseudo-authority dictated by a church or institution or government. GOD cannot be fooled or mocked. HE will not be giving away any part of HIS power to just any fool like me, or the paid ministers of Utah and Rome.

Two verses, 3 significant corrections = same conclusion: Joseph Smith had authority from JESUS to correct the Bible.

John Scott Peterson
February 20, 2017