Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Matthew 8:10 The healing of the centurion's servant

Context: A centurion asks JESUS to heal his servant. JESUS tells him He will go to the centurion's home to do so. The centurion replies that he is not worthy of CHRIST even entering his home. The centurion proposes that JESUS has the power to heal from a distance. At this point the Bible says...

King James Version

...When Jesus heard it, he marveled, 
and said unto them that followed,
Verily I say unto you,
I have not found so great faith, 
no, not in Israel.

Joseph Smith Translation

...And when they that followed him heard this
they marveled.
And when Jesus heard this, 
he said unto them that followed,
Verily,  I have not found so great faith, 
no, not in Israel.

The servant is healed.

     CHRIST knows our thoughts. He did not marvel when the centurion said CHRIST could do this without having to come to his home. CHRIST knew what the centurion would say and orchestrated the conversation. He did it to demonstrate to His followers that being part of a so-called chosen people ("Israel") means nothing without faith. Faith in CHRIST, not in the special group. Faith in the GOD the Son, and not in fallen humans. 

     I would love to have CHRIST come to my home and heal me from my dozens of sinful tendencies. I know, just as surely as the centurion, that JESUS can heal me from any distance. There are only 2 things needed to create any type of blessing or healing... faith in CHRIST, and CHRIST's perfect timing.