Wednesday, February 1, 2017

My Testimony of Joseph Smith

Today, rather than deal with one of the many thousands of changes that Joseph Smith made to the Holy Bible I would like to offer my testimony.

Joseph Smith is a true prophet. But he is more than that. He is the final dispensation head, or patriarch, before the second coming of CHRIST. Joseph, like Adam, Enoch, Noah, and others is one of the archangels commissioned from before this world began to show the way back to GOD. He and his wife Emma have formed a link back to Adam and Eve. Emma and Joseph are now part of the family of GOD. If we want to be part of that family then we have to link ourselves up to Joseph and Emma. 

Joseph Smith holds keys that will never be taken from him. The keys, or divine approval, that various churches believe they hold does not exist on the earth today. The keys of the Priesthood after the order of the Son of GOD (or GOD the Son) are held jointly by the martyred brothers, Hyrum and Joseph Smith. They are now in the spirit world and cannot be usurped by corrupt men.

The lds church has lied about Joseph Smith since 1852 starting with a fabricated "revelation" dealing with polygamy. Joseph Smith was not involved in that abominable practice. brigham young and his lust-filled associates needed to say that polygamy was revealed through Joseph. Without falsifying Joseph's stamp of approval, the Utah version of the mormon church would have died long ago.

In 2014, the lds church threw Joseph Smith under the bus again by "admitting" that Joseph had multiple wives. They have done this to continue the facade that there is some link between Joseph and brigham. They need to claim they have the missing keys. They do not have them, and they never will.

Joseph Smith was killed by a mob of anti-mormons, but he was betrayed into their hands by traitors. Those traitors were fellow mormons. The Smith family has been dishonored by the utah branch of mormons since 1844. 

I chose to honor CHRIST by honoring his earthly representatives Emma, Hyrum, and Joseph Smith. Hyrum and Joseph did not have to die, and Emma did not have to be a widow if the cowardly mormons in nauvoo had stood up for what was right. 

I know that people continue to join the lds church. This is because when an investigator prays about Joseph Smith or the Book of Mormon, GOD tells them via the Spirit that both are true. Joseph is a true prophet, and the Book of Mormon is divine.

You do not have to be a member of a church to follow JESUS. Joseph is JESUS' prophet for the last days. Joseph would be sickened by the modern lds church. I am embarrassed to admit I was ever a faithful member, but I am not embarrassed to admit I love and respect Joseph Smith. I am prepared to answer for what I am writing tonight at the judgment bar of CHRIST.

John Scott Peterson
February 1st, 2017